Travel size 40 ml bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitiser to carry with you.

Kills 99,9% of bacteria
1 travel size 40 ml bottle = 75 applications of sanitiser

Alcohol-based sanitiser as recommended by the World Health Organization to disinfect hands
Composition: Ethanol – hydrogen peroxide – glycerol – limonene*
For cutaneous use only

* a natural product of essential oil

Made in France



A hand sanitiser to disinfect your hands wherever you are! Instantly effective:

Discover our new alcohol-based hand sanitiser, an essential ally in effectively fighting bacteria, viruses and all pathogenic threats present on our hands.

Rub your hands with 6 to 8 drops of hand sanitiser, making sure you cover all their surfaces, until the skin is completely dry.

For optimum hygiene, wash your hands regularly with our range of organically-certified soaps.

Avoid all contact with eyes
Keep out of the reach of children
Flammable liquid: keep away from heat or flame

Shelf life before opening:
At room temperature (15°C to 25°C): 2 years from date of production.